Document Management Policy

GetTaxSolutions receives your tax documents mainly via electronic channels, because the tax offices we work with approve and accept digital copies of stored documents rather than hard copies. In order to keep your documents safe and for the relevant time required, we have a document management policy in place.

We have developed a system that protects all our customers' documents and data in line with best practice standards. As part of this new document management system:

  • All incoming tax documents for all of our solutions will be kept as electronic copies in your file for the period legally required by the relevant tax office
  • All our communication channels are organized in a secure way, in order to be very client-friendly while maintaining maximum security
  • We will request posted documents only in cases where it is a legal requirement by the relevant taxation office

Data Protection Policy

  • We will keep a scanned copy of your tax documents as per the legal requirements of the relevant tax office. The documents will be destroyed after the documents retaining time of the relevant tax office has expired.
  • All personal data is treated as private and confidential in line with our data protection policy
  • All the incoming and outgoing correspondence will be stored in our systems. This communication will be stored for a limited period of time, after which it will be deleted from our system. Access to this information is limited to a restricted number of individuals and information recorded is treated as private and confidential.