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OUR COMMITMENT – We are committed to providing top quality service and we guarantee that we will do everything to the best of our knowledge and in compliance with each country’s (Australia and New Zealand) tax laws to get the maximum refund or minimum obligation legally possible, based on the information and documentation provided by our customers.

In any case where the customer didn’t provide sufficient, correct and accurate information, GetTaxSolutions cannot be held responsible for the result of the claim submitted with the Tax authorities. It is also possible that the tax authorities have information leading to not getting a refund. In such cases we will do our best to get the required information from the tax authorities and deal with the situation and submit an amendment where possible.

YOUR ACCOUNT WITH GetTaxSolutions – It is possible that we grand you access to some parts of our website that require you to create an account with a valid and usable e-mail account. You are responsible at all times for any activities that occur under the use of your account. In any case of unauthorized use of your account you agree to immediately notify us. We can by our own decision terminate your account or password or use of our Website at any time for any or no reason.

You must agree that any information provided to us will be accurate and complete. In any case this information has proven to be inaccurate, we keep the right to terminate your access to the Website, and any information or services provided on it.

LINKS TO THIRD PARTY SITES – Our website may contain links or hyperlinks to other websites. These other websites may be owned and operated by third parties, and we are not responsible for their content. We are only providing those links for your reference. Our Terms & Conditions are only valid when you are on our website, so if you visit other websites you should read that party’s Terms & Conditions and decide if to disclose any personal details.

AUTHORIZATION FORM – You agree to sign the Authorization Form we will provide you with. This document will grant GetTaxSolutions the permission to file a tax return on your behalf and also by signing the document you agree to pay our fee for providing the service you have registered for.

CALCULATORS – You will be able to estimate your possible refund on our website using the calculators. The result is only based on the information the customer have inputted and it may differ from what has been actually received from the Tax office upon our application. This is so because the exact amount of the refund is based on the payment and tax information that has been provided by the customer on payment documentation or if different based on the payment information reported to the Tax Authorities by the relevant employers.

Exceptions to our tax refund responsibilities

GetTaxSolutions is not responsible for the refund of tax where:

  • · the client has provided information which is false, inaccurate, incorrect, insufficient or misleading in any way;
  • · the client has already received a refund;
  • · the client has already applied for a refund, either directly or through another person, natural or legal;
  • · the client owes money to the tax authority.
  • · the tax authority has different information on its system than that provided by the client
  • · the tax authority information leads to a decision that the client is not due a refund.

No refund of the fee is possible in case an application for any of our services has already been submitted with the tax authorities or the Superannuation funds, and has been rejected by the same due to wrong information being provided intentionally to us, or knowing facts or information that would obstruct a normal application being submitted with the tax authorities, and or any or all of these facts or information was not brought to our attention on time.

OUR FEES – GetTaxSolution has a set fee for each of the services we provide, and they are all paid before the application is submitted to the relevant tax authority.

They are as follows:

  • · New Zealand Income Tax refund application – 57.00 NZD
  • · New Zealand IRD number (Tax Number) – 15.00 NZD
  • · Australian Income Tax Refund application – 87.00 AUD
  • · Australian Superannuation refund application – 87.00 AUD
  • · Australian Tax File Number (TFN) application – 20.00 AUD
  • · Australian Business Number (ABN) application – 50.00 AUD

In some cases an additional fee may apply in case of a complicated tax return application. It will be additionally communicated to the client upon the reception of the application documentation.

GetTaxSolutions keeps the right to change the fees and if so we will notify our customers accordingly through the website.

RECEIVING THE REFUND – The refund amounts will be received by client either via bank transfer straight from the tax office to a personal own bank account in the relevant country, or by cheque posted to the address provided in the client’s registration with GetTaxSolutions.

APPLICATION WITHDRAWAL – If the customer registers for a service, and a processing fee has already been paid to GetTaxSolutions, and after that the customer wishes to withdraw the application, and the application is still not submitted with the relative tax authorities, all charges for refunding the amount will be for the expense of the customer, including administrative fees, and or any bank charges. The fee is not refundable in case an application has already been submitted under the agreed conditions described in the Terms & Conditions.


No refund of the fee is possible in case an application for any of our services has already been submitted with the tax authorities or the Superannuation funds, and has been rejected by the same due to wrong information being provided intentionally to us, or knowing facts or information that would obstruct a normal application being submitted with the tax authorities, and or any or all of these facts or information was not brought to our attention on time.


All correspondence to the client will be sent to the email address provided on the registration submitted to us. GetTaxSolutions will expect that the customer will ensure there is sufficient space in the inbox to receive all emails and that the email I checked regularly - regularly being about two times a week

! Important – Some mailbox providers may direct our correspondence to your spam folder. Please add support@gettaxsolutions.com to your mailbox trusted list to ensure you receive our updates).

Confidentiality and Data Handling

GetTaxSolutions ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. Information collected in writing and/or verbally for tax return filing services can and may be used for internal auditing purposes by GetTaxSolutions and provided to the relevant Tax Office for external auditing purposes.

All documents sent to us are handled according to our document management system. This system has been designed in order to reduce the volume of paper we receive while ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and compliance are upheld. You can read our document management policy in full by clicking here.

Tax Number Services

GetTaxSolutions acts as an agent, works with agent or provides client support in the preparation and submission of applications or services related to processing Tax Identification Numbers for Australia and New Zealand.

These services include but are not limited to: Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), Tax Filing Numbers (TFNs), Inland Revenue Department Number (IRD Number)

GetTaxSolutions cannot influence any of the following: any decision made by a competent authority; any requests for additional information before finalising the application process; any delay by a taxation authority in case of tax returns, any delay by an authority in case of ABN, TFN or IRD; or a decision to refuse or grant ABN, TFN or IRD number.

All fees for tax numbers are paid by the client prior to submitting the application to the relevant authority. When the client agrees to the terms and conditions, submits their application(s) and pays the GetTaxSolutions processing fee, the client is authorising GetTaxSolutions to process the application for the service selected. If the client has contacted or authorised another service provider for the same service, prior to or after GetTaxSolutions application, with or without his or her knowledge, natural or legal, notwithstanding that the customer has obtained a tax number otherwise than with the assistance of GetTaxSolutions, the processing fee is non-refundable and will be used to cover the expenses associated with submitting the tax application.

If, after registering for tax number services. with GetTaxSolutions you wish to withdraw your application and the application has not been submitted to the relevant authorities, an administration fee applies and all processing charges of banks for returning the rest of the payment should be at the expense of the customer. In cases where GetTaxSolutions already submitted the application on the customer's behalf, the application fee is non-refundable.


The submission of a registration to GetTaxSolutions constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments by the customer.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

From time to time, GetTaxSolutions may amend or add to these Terms and Conditions. The changes will be posted on the web-site terms and conditions section and we advise our clients to check it regularly.